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Sustainability is top of mind for most organizations worldwide whether it is to make business processes more efficient or to make our planet a better place to live.

Join this series around sustainability held by Microsoft to understand how you can support customers on their sustainability ambitions. We will be covering various aspects including how Microsoft is becoming more sustainable by changing its operations model and helping other organizations to do so using its Cloud for Sustainability. Get inspired by stories both from Microsoft and the ecosystem to bring about change for the better in your own/ or your customer’s organizations. Register for the four sessions below.

Content of series

In this series you will get more insights into the areas below. You are welcome to join us for all four or choose the ones most relevant for your business:

  • Microsoft commitment to sustainability
  • What Microsoft offers on Cloud for sustainability
  • Improve your own IT by adopting Sustainable Software Engineering
  • How does moving to Azure help your sustainability goals

Most importantly, you will be inspired how to work with sustainability both for your own business as well as how to support your customers sustainability journey.

What is Microsoft doing on Sustainability?

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In 2020, we announced that Microsoft will be a carbon negative, water positive, zero waste company that protects ecosystems—all by 2030. Three years into this journey, we continue to make steady progress and remain steadfast in our commitment.
Join this session to understand more in depth what Microsoft is doing in regards to running our datacenters with low carbon footprint, the planetary computer as well as our overall ESG corporate goals and why Microsoft is the right partner for you in regard to developing your own practice within sustainability.

August, 2023


August, 2023


Microsoft offers on Cloud for Sustainability

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Explore the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability solution that unifies data to help you monitor and manage your environmental impact.
Join this session to get insights into the total addressable market for you as a partner, get a better understanding how you as a software company as well as an implementation partner can benefit from building a business around the products in Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, such as sustainability manager, Emission Impact Dashboard, Cloud for Sustainability API and Environment Credit service as well as hearing some reference cases from our danish partners.

Improve your own IT by adopting Sustainable Software Engineering

Language: English

Sustainable Software Engineering is an emerging discipline at the intersection of climate science, software, hardware, electricity markets, and data center design. Writing sustainable code will support you in making your development.
More efficient and less harmful for the environment. Join this session to get introduced to the core concepts, how you can get started and start benefitting from sustainable software development.

September, 2023


September, 2023


How does moving to Azure help your sustainability goals?

Language: English

Join this session to learn how using the Azure platform helps keep the emission from your cloud usage down as well as the cost.
This is both relevant for you as a software company as well as the work you do on your customers environment, as running a more sustainable business is key for all. You will in this session get a general introduction to the concepts as well as learning best practices and how you start looking into reducing the impact from your cloud usage.


  • Frederik Gylling

    Frederik Gylling

    Partner Technology Strategist

  • Frederik Thue Andersen

    Frederik Thue Andersen

    Business Program Manager

  • Torben Seebach

    Torben Seebach

    Director Smart X

  • Mikael Mikkelsen

    Mikael Mikkelsen

    Danish Datacenter Lead


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