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Session Information

Being a small or medium sized e-commerce company in Denmark in 2021 can be a risky business without a proper cybersecurity strategy in place.

This training guide called “E-commerce and Cyber security” will be a high-level guide for how you as a Microsoft Partner should approach small and medium E-commerce businesses in Denmark, and hereby giving you the skills to identify pains and gains when selling cyber security software to e-commerce businesses. The paper will circle around the three topics written below:

  • Why should small and medium e-commerce businesses protect themselves with cyber security?
  • What different kind of cyber risk are e-commerce businesses exposed to compared to other industries?
  • How can you help those e-commerce businesses to protect themselves with cyber security?

You will also hear about other things like hackers' techniques and motives, “Cyber Hygiene”, the three pillars of e-commerce, and the NIST framework.


  • Emil Valdemar Holch Porsmose

    Emil Valdemar Holch Porsmose

    Cyber Security


Audience Sales
Area of Interest Security
Language English