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In this online session we’ll present a full overview of the Azure DevOps features to manage and ensure development lifecycle in the new world of continuous development using the latest tools and best practices. Following we’ll present in-depth how to handle end-to-end Business Central code projects by using Azure DevOps.


      • Welcome and Introduction

    - The modern development journey with Business Centra
    - How can Azure DevOps help you manage your AL projects

        • Module 1:
          - Overview of Azure DevOps features
          - GIT and Source Code Management
          - Introduction to YAMIL
          - Build and Release pipelines
        • Module 2:
          - Using Azure DevOps with Dynamics 365 Business Central
          - Project management
          - Source Code Management with AL
          - Build and Release pipelines for AL extensions
        • Close Session: Recap and Questions & Answers